The Elusive ‘meh.’

Being the whimsical writer of a blog whose readership does not extend beyond my mother and those few unfortunates who have their faces shoved with my ramble, I have the luxury of sparing myself the toil of research. And its a luxury I frequently pamper myself with. As a result of this, I cannot make... Continue Reading →

Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Epitomising Poise

He ascends a decidedly not-Tharoor worthy stage to thunderous applause, accompanied by the scattered hoots and cheers of a visibly (and audibly) besotted audience. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, he of the enviable eloquence and poise, is speaking about his most recent book 'An Era of Darkness - The British Empire in India' at the Times LitFest.... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

To better grasp the references made in this essay, please read the article on which these views are premised.  'The Difference between White or Wong' (Indian Express, 14th August 16) is a recent addition to my collection of newspaper clippings (yes, I do that) and the present Kohinoor in my treasure.  It is ingeniously creative, thought-provoking, and... Continue Reading →

A Review – Anne of Green Gables

Diverting from my usual content, which generally gravitates to becoming a personal essay often despite contrary intentions, I thought it would be enriching for me to try my pen (my keyboard, actually. Boy, is technology messing up metaphors!) a review. A book review, for today. There are a few numbered books I would recommend more... Continue Reading →

Speaking Truth to the Soul

Our fast globalizing world is defined by the society that resides in it and the culture it embraces. It never puts up a fair fight either. It learns your vulnerabilities and then exploits your weaknesses. It is often said that reality constitutes only individuals and society is a mere illusion (credits to the genius rhetoric... Continue Reading →

Origin of Stage Fright

I'm supposed to be talking about the misuse of Article 356 by the Centre. I've researched my subject six ways to Sunday and I've got all my data and statistics, and all my logical arguments stacked in those organizers you find in the dollar store, in my brain. The guy sitting in front of me... Continue Reading →

Mr. Quite Alright

One of the most dewy-eyed, romantic people I know, talking about settling in love and satisfying oneself with Mr. Quite Alright (a parody on the famed, Mr. Right) is a heartbreaking experience. When you attribute a quality to a person – in my case to assure yourself about the existence of misty things in the... Continue Reading →

Unfreeze the Status Quo

That’s the thing about humans. They are attracted to the forbidden fruit, the unexplored ideas, the condemned faith. This is just a phase; eventually they grow out of it and learn to conform. However, during this period of rebellious thoughts too, most hide their ‘wayward’ inclinations. That’s probably why the society takes so long to... Continue Reading →

The Great Indian Arranged Marriage

I'm seventeen. I'd like to get that out in the open before I start. I completely accept that any teenager talking about an issue as big and consequential as marriage seems not only high handed, but severely out of place. So, in a desperate attempt to reduce the pretentiousness of my endeavor, I’ll say that... Continue Reading →

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