Brash and Unembarrassed

I’m really done with prefaces for the moment. How about I skip the fancy ice breaker, and for once in my life, get right to it. Humans can broadly be divided into two categories: the nonchalant-s; those who boom their hello and don’t care if they jilt and jolt ten others around them, those who... Continue Reading →


A Touch too Aware

A touch too aware, forever and always. Of the weight on my shoulders and the pull of gravity, dragging me towards the ground; Of my indomitable soul and spirit, that keeps me upright, nonetheless; Of my throbbing head, and shaky knees and tiring feet; Of the oxygen and fire and energy that move them and... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting Faith

As a consummate lover of language, I have been made to concede that sometimes even the most persuasive of words fall on deaf, indifferent ears. As a believer in the virtue of humanity, I have been confronted with gross injustice and extreme apathy. As a supporter of human agency and its perfect ability to transform,... Continue Reading →

Atlas Shrugged – A Review ​

  “By the essence and nature of existence, contradictions cannot exist.” She called it her magnum opus. How very like her. A disclaimer to anyone wishing to take on this whale of a book: do not expect anything to be sugar dusted. It is a wholehearted, shameless promotion and celebration of capitalism and its virtuosity.... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Grey

Jon Ronson, an author and investigative journalist, gave a brilliant TED talk in 2012 on over diagnosing of mental illness in USA and psychopathy. Although not related to said subject, he made a statement, describing a misdiagnosed patient: "He's a grey area, in a world that doesn't like grey areas. But the grey areas are where you... Continue Reading →

Just Like Me

She always eats her vegetables first. The peas are forked to one side and the carrots to another, with precision that speaks of habit. Her hands move the cutlery just like mine do, neat and controlled. When she leaves the table, just like me, she offers to clean up. She looks like me, but her... Continue Reading →

Thoughtfully Misunderstood

I'm not a very thoughtful person. I'll forget your birthday more often than I'll remember it and the chances of you getting a gift of something you already have should not go unconsidered. I don't know what you'd order from a Big Chill menu off the top of my head and I might forget what condiments go... Continue Reading →

To the Alices of the World: a not-poem

There's an idea, a story in me, as there is in everyone. Stimuli help it on it's journey to prose or poetry - those little bursts of inspirations, bouncing off the walls only I can see. They bring the story to the surface, for the world to see. Or ignore. Excuse me, while I state, the latter is prevalent.... Continue Reading →

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