Far from the Madding Crowd: A Review

(This review will reveal crucial plot points of the book.) Quoting pop songs at the drop of a hat has never been my forte, but here is Far from the Madding Crowd summed up in a sentence: Bathsheba Everdene's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And for a book about an intelligent, self-sufficient... Continue Reading →


Of Poison Ivy Leagues​

Here’s what I’ve learned about making choices that agree with my conscious, My prepped, primed, powdered conscious. Never a job left lacking, Never a loose end untied, Never an awkward slip-up under-thought, Never a hand off the steering wheel, Forfeiting the comfort, The serene out-of-focus, The blind spots in your vision, The possibility of a... Continue Reading →

We Have it Coming

For a generation that owns its stereotypes like a boss, And binge watches TV shows as an accomplishment, That has more pseudo-intellectuals than the other kind And has the luxury of negotiating the discomfort of real, For all things 'dank' and 'lit' For a generation that seeks gratification by the second, And groans at having... Continue Reading →

Post-Truth​ Feminism

Why is feminism today a concept that is steadily deteriorating in terms of relevance and appeal? Why do the open-minded, educated, well-read, sections of our population denounce feminism as a fanatical label, despite asserting their belief in gender equality? Why does the word make us cringe, and why do we look away when a daring... Continue Reading →


Talk, talk, talk Psychologists, comfy sofas, recliners Friends, turned agony aunts We’re here for you Unload, talk it out Rant and rave, this does not leave the room Breathe in, breathe out Count to ten, my love I’m here, and this will pass   Artfully soothing sentences, strung to comfort Deceived into believing you matter... Continue Reading →

How free is free-will?

If you ever, for a stretch of time, do not speak, whilst also resisting the urge to tune out everything around you, but listen, really listen, to words and tones, deep sighs and angry huffs, slow and fast movements, deliberate pauses in speech, a casual roll of an eye, or a passing smile at a... Continue Reading →

Homeless Rhymers

It sounds inspired, does it not- to live the life of poets. Do poets ooze cool detachment, eccentricity and maniac passion? Do they really cave into the palaces of their memory? Is the world too much of a buzz-kill for their mystery-shrouded mind? Can poets last days on energy from the universe and old-old wine?... Continue Reading →

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